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Travel agencies can now be part of the CETS (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas)


The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Natural Areas (CETS) is an initiative of the EUROPARC Federation whose overall objective is to promote the development of sustainable tourism in Europe’s protected natural areas. CETS is a method and a voluntary commitment to apply the principles of sustainable tourism, guiding managers of protected natural areas and companies to define their strategies in a participatory way.


  • Phase I: accreditation of protected natural areas

Started in 2001, it is the protected area, with the agreement and commitment of tourism businesses and other local actors, who apply for membership and it is the territory that receives accreditation from the CETS.

  • Phase II: membership of companies

The membership system will distinguish, in the areas already accredited, those companies that make the greatest and best efforts to make their activity sustainable and to collaborate with the managers of the area. Tourism companies can voluntarily apply for membership. This recognition will be much more than just another new quality mark, because it will also guarantee a genuine collaboration between the company and the protected area in order to make progress in the development of sustainable tourism.

  • Phase III: adhesion of travel agencies

This phase was approved in 2015, its objective is to promote the marketing of a tourism offer in protected areas that respects the principles of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, and therefore contributes to conservation and local development. It also aims to recognise and differentiate travel agencies for their voluntary commitment to the sustainable tourism development of the protected areas in which they operate, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with the environmental administrations and the territories, and to benefit from the joint work in the development of unique and attractive offers for tourists.

Source: Europarc Spain (https://redeuroparc.org/carta-europea-turismo-sostenible/)


As the CETS now allows travel agencies to join the Charter, on 15th of March we attended our first working group session for the Garraf, Olèrdola and Foix natural parks, held at the Can Foix holiday camp. Between all of us, public administration, companies and agencies, we planned the calendar for 2023. We will also attend the 8th Permanent Forum of the CETS of Garraf, Olèrdola and Foix on 28th March.

Turismo Vivencial continues and will continue to work to promote sustainable tourism.

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