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Our Team

It all started with a trip to Kenya. There Antonio Martín, the ideologue of TURISMO VIVENCIAL, felt for the first time like one of the locals. An idea grew from his experience, and from the idea a project turned into a reality that excites an exceptional human team.


We have a multidisciplinary profile and, probably for this reason, in our office there is no place for monotony, but there is room for responsibility and professionalism. Together we have developed a good formula for success, with touches of tourism, communication, marketing, design, advertising … reinforced by the personal experience of each one of us.


In our international area, we want your trips to become unforgettable, living authentic experiences on the territory, savoring every inch of land and sky that surround you. We have specialists in various sciences and techniques, a passion for travel that we have made our profession.

The team

Turismo Vivencial

Antonio Martín

He knows every corner and the best of each place, ``with our local hosts we become friends, it is key to enjoy the trip``

Front office
Isabel García

With her we make sure that nothing fails. She is our front office and the one that reminds us all that your experience has to be a success.

Project Manager
Gemma Belmonte

With a strategic vision and a clear customer orientation, she passionately stimulates valuable tourist destinations and experiences, discovering a unique and innovative offer.

Agnés Manchón

With initiative, creativity and experience, she designs the best tourism projects in destinations. Tourism sustainability is her starting point.

Anna Benítez

With technological knowledge, she accompanies us in the digital transformation. It keeps the social media and all the processes up to date so that you enjoy your experience.

Creative & Dreamer
Alejandro Martín

It represents the youth of our project. Creativity and making things easy is his differentiating point. Every day teaches us something new.


International Travelers

International Destinations
Tòfol Tobal

Geographer, teacher and researcher in geography and astronomy. Thematic projects in the Arctic, Asia, Siberia, North America, North and Equatorial Africa,

Adventure Travels
Rafa Ariño

Press and advertising agency photographer. With the Lleida World Extrem team he has traveled around the world photographing cultures and tribes.

Spotting animals & wildlife
Ramón Solís

Biologist and specialist in all kind of flowers and wildlife, passionate about mammals and birds. Go scuba diving and mountain biking.

Photography & Observation
Pedro Martín

Optometrist and passionate photographer. He has traveled the world and is willing to share his secrets in obtaining the best images.

International Area Assistant
Sara Tobal

She has studied in Spain and Canada, and is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations at the Ramón Llull University in Barcelona.

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