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The Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac, keeps one of the best secrets, the municipality of Mura, one of the most charming villages in Catalonia,
Parc del Garraf is a place of stillness and calm, made up of reliefs and a mild climate. A landscape with the smell of the sea, thyme and rosemary. Silence…
Discover and connect with nature with this exclusive forest bathing activity. Live a refreshing and peaceful experience in an inimitable landscape
Live the stellar experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Parc del Garraf with our local hosts.
Disconnects from day to day and establishes links with nature with this sensory getaway through the Natural Park and the heritage that surrounds it
Parc del Garraf has suffered several fires. To avoid the risk of fires, the best prevention work is the management and maintenance of forests, and the best to do this…
The inhabitants of Garraf are special and amazing, with their help you will discover unique and unforgettable experiences. Experiences that will allow you to create a link with the territory.
A day of caving, oenology and astronomy. Parc del Garraf is an amazing natural space, one of the most important limestone massifs in geology, with a spectacular world of caves,…
Parc del Garraf is a wonderful natural park, with an open landscape and a gentle relief, which transmits tranquility. Silence is one of the highlights. A natural park with a…
Olivella has a rich unknown heritage, in the middle of the natural park there are remains of castles, churches and mysterious stones. A heritage located in an environment of great…
Enjoy this route through the scenes of the battle of 1714, the agricultural heritage of the land and the best views of the Natural Park
With this magical route of Talamanca, you will approach the history and mysteries that each stone of the most virgin territory of the Bages keeps.
Parc del Garraf is the great unknown, a natural space of fascinating beauty and lush flora and fauna. A quiet place where children can discover the wonders that nature offers…
Travel back in time and enjoy the medieval essence of the village of Mura accompanied by our selection of local hosts, who will tell you many stories of their land.
Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac is a fascinating natural park, full of unknown paths that you will get to know through its inhabitants, the best connoisseurs of this protected…
Parc del Garraf is an amazing place. A stone landscape, agricultural oases and old farmhouses form a fascinating setting.
The Parc del Garraf hides ancestral trades and traditions. All his life has been grazed there, as evidenced by the remains of the past, like many old abandoned farmyard.
Live the essence of the vineyards of Talamanca, participating in the work in the field and surrounded by dry stone huts.
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