Responsible tourism, a commitment of all. 

In Turismo Vivencial we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoted by the UN, contributing to grow adequately the tourism sector, providing benefits to society.

Why is Turismo Vivencial sustainable?

Because we believe in a tourism proposal that adds value to travelers and destinations. We want the stay of travelers to be considered positive for the local community. We create product that contribute to sustainability, so the traveler instead of generating a negative impact on the territory they visit, generates the opposite, stimulating those activities that preserve the culture and nature.


«Today talking of future is talking about sustainability. Speak of tourist quality is speaking of responsibility. Our travelers seek destinations comfortable, save, committed and sustainable. »

Alineados a los ODS, mediante el respeto con el medio natural, cultural y social.

Hablar de sostenibilidad, es hablar de seguridad, compromiso y calidad.

Nuestros destinos de viajes nunca son un lugar, sino una nueva forma de ver las cosas.



Turismo Vivencial has the Biosphere Tourism Sustainability Certification, an international certification that guarantees the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement.

Our actions are aimed at generating positive benefits for society and the environment. We base the design of our itineraries on a sustainable supply chain to ensure that our tourism experiences provide a social return to destinations.

Nos posicionamos como un operador líder en intermediación turística sostenible y en la creación de escapadas únicas.

Comprometidos a reducir la huella de carbono y a minimizar el impacto medioambiental del turismo.

Optimizamos positivamente la atención a nuestros viajeros.

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