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Sanxenxo, seafaring tradition

Sanxenxo, seafaring tradition

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Sanxenxo in the Rías Baixas of Galicia, has its own microclimate and that is why we have small but very authentic wineries. Located halfway between the Ría de Pontevedra and Ría de Arousa, it is one of the world benchmarks for seafood, good gastronomy in general, and Albariño wine.


We cannot forget the nearby Villa de Portonovo, where we can taste some of the traditional dishes in its taverns, walk through the small squares and streets of its old town and its traditional fishing port with a fish market where we can experience the moments of the daily auction. Get on a catamaran to get closer to the rafts.




Tour Plan


Day 1 - Sanxenxo

Itinerary through the centre of the town of Sanxenxo and tavern route in Portonovo to taste the local gastronomy. In the afternoon we will enjoy a relaxing SPA session.

Day 2 - Ons Islands

We will visit the Ons Islands, where we will spend the day and have a picnic lunch with local products.

Day 3 - Rías Baixas

Wine route to taste the Albariño wine with DO Rías Baixas. In the afternoon, a boat trip to visit the rafts and see how the best mussels are grown in the Rías Baixas.

Day 4 - Chapel of La Lanzada

We will approach the Ermita de la Lanzada, a mixture of religiosity and superstition in the middle of nature on the sea. From there we will leave to know the region of Salnés.

Day 5 - Cambados

We will go to Cambados to drag the shellfish along with the shellfish makers. With them we will also visit an authentic Galician "pazo" and taste some albariño wines.

Day 6 - Sanxenxo

A day dedicated to gastronomy, we will start by visiting the food market and end with a tasting of typical dishes.

Day 7 - Sanxenxo

We will visit the small villages near Sanxenxo.

Day 8 - Farewell

Morning quietly to do some shopping before starting the return home.

Tour Location

Sanxenxo, Galicia

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