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Andújar stories and legends

Andújar stories and legends

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Andújar is home to one of the oldest religious expressions in Spain. The fervor towards the Virgen de la Cabeza is a true annual celebration and one of the most representative events of the identity of our municipality.


The pilgrimage to the Basilica and Royal Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Head, is the second oldest in our country, with about 800 years of history. Named by writers such as Cervantes and Lope de Vega, she lives her most exciting moments with the transfer of the image from the dressing room to the litters, where she will have spent the night awaiting the arrival of the walkers.


We invite you to join us to live these unique and memorable moments, a celebration that you will enjoy in the company of our local host.



Tour Plan


Day 1 - Arrival

Arrival and check-in at your hotel. We will eat in a traditional restaurant so you can get to know some of our local recipes.

Day 2 - Historic center and crafts

Tour of the historic center of the city. Lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit a traditional crafts workshop, it will be the moment in which our host will tell us stories about the appearance of the Virgin of the Head and the activities that are carried out to commemorate the anniversary of her appearance.

Day 3 - Pilgrimage and Sanctuary

Ascent in pilgrimage pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza. Picnic-based food. After such an intense day, we will sleep in the accommodation of the same Sanctuary.

Day 4 - Nature and goldsmith

After breakfast, we will calmly walk through the corners of this place so emblematic of our culture. Returning to Andújar, after lunch, we will visit a goldsmith's workshop to learn about the pieces made in honor of the Virgen de la Cabeza.

Day 5 - Farewell

After breakfast, we will go to an oil mill so that you can meet and taste our best extra virgin olive oils.

Tour Location

Andújar, Andalusia

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