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A memorable experience with our shepherd and his flock
From 175€
You will discover the magic of Anoia on a unique journey where you will connect with its nature, get into its history and culture, and feel the warmth of its…
From 1044€
In a valley surrounded by high peaks, we find the mesmerizing village of Castelbuono. Located about 30 kilometres from Cefalù, to walk through the woods and cultivated fields of the…
From 655€
In the beautiful lower Rhine Valley in Germany is placed a natural, peaceful and welcoming destination: Haldern. Surrounded by green powerful landscape, you will get into a bike route through…
From 165€
3 days and 2 nights
El Parador del Saler destaca por su excelente ubicación en pleno Parque Natural  de la Albufera. Su campo de Golf es uno de los más importantes de Valencia.The Parador del…
From 395€
An authentic immersion in the PN de Monfragüe and the corners of Extremadura
From 820€
8 days & 7 nights
A unique landscape by lands of legend.
From 3300€
Live the stellar experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Parc del Garraf with our local hosts.
From 220€
3 days & 2 nights
A greenway through the lands of Tarragona and the Ebro.
From 245€
3 days & 2 nights
A Greenway through the lands of Tarragona and the Ebro Delta.
From 650€
The mining railway of the Sierra de la Demanda was built in the last years of the 19th century and only became operational in 1904. Its railway life may have…
From 300€
A Greenway through the lands of Tarragona and the Ebro Delta.
From 650€
If you are looking for adventure, culture and nature, the Greenway Val de Zafán is definitely your best option. This time, we have prepared a break for you in which…
From 275€
Rees, the oldest town on the Lower Rhine and the region to which the charming village of Haldern belongs. It offers numerous attractions for visiting travellers. Most of the town's…
From 365€
Parc del Garraf has suffered several fires. To avoid the risk of fires, the best prevention work is the management and maintenance of forests, and the best to do this…
From 110€
Enjoy unique moments that will thrill you.
From 250€
The perfect destination to enjoy with your family all the experiences that La Manga offers you.
From 260€
Discover it and you will fall in love with it.
From 1470€
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