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A memorable experience with our shepherd and his flock
From 175€
Feel the magic of observing the Iberian wolf in freedom
From 240€
La esencia de Andalucía, sin duda, es su gente local, que con ese acento cercano y singular, te invita a sentirte como uno más en la villa o ciudad que…
From 610€
The stories and legends of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza.
From 710€
Can you imagine learning, having fun and exploring idyllic landscapes? Activities for young and old on an unforgettable family trip to Anoia, where you will create memories to last a…
From 599€
Splendid, relaxing and healing, that's the nature of Anoia. Get active, bring out your potential and enjoy like never before a trip that the whole family, including your pets, will…
From 836€
You will discover the magic of Anoia on a unique journey where you will connect with its nature, get into its history and culture, and feel the warmth of its…
From 1044€
Discover Anoia on a trip full of unique stories, curious legends and spectacular landscapes. Let yourself be surprised by the uniqueness and diversity of Anoia!
From 609€
Learn about the traditions and professions of Anoia on an ideal trip for the whole family. Experience Anoia with your family!
From 934€
The Bear Path is one of the most beautiful Green Ways in our country, pure Asturian essence that runs through the councils of Proaza, Teverga, Quirós and San Adriano. An…
From 230€
The parador is within the grounds of Cardona Castle, a unique 9th century fortress built to protect the territory from the Muslims.
From 270€
In a valley surrounded by high peaks, we find the mesmerizing village of Castelbuono. Located about 30 kilometres from Cefalù, to walk through the woods and cultivated fields of the…
From 655€
In the beautiful lower Rhine Valley in Germany is placed a natural, peaceful and welcoming destination: Haldern. Surrounded by green powerful landscape, you will get into a bike route through…
From 165€
Relax in Anoia on a journey of peace of mind, connection with yourself and personal growth.
From 1017€
Dojran is a town on the western shore of Dojran Lake in the south-eastern part of North Macedonia. Today, it is a collective name for two villages on the territory…
From 250€
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