We have signed an agreement with the Spanish Railway Foundation for the creation of itineraries through the Greenways of the country. Discover new destinations in a different way, enjoying our beautiful landscapes and charming villages. Take a look at our proposals.


“An immersion into the Sierra de la Demanda”

Starting in Burgos, we will enter the heart of the Sierra de la Demanda, enjoying charming villages and landscapes…

Greenway Ferrocarril Vasco Navarro (portada con nombre)

“Following the steps of El Trenico and its heritage”

Through the heritage and rural landscapes of the Basque Country and Navarre, recalling one of the most Spain’s beloved trains…


“A journey the mining past of the Basque Country”

Iron has forged the identity of this territory and has become a fundamental part of its history, forging its present…

Greenway Noroeste (portada con nombre)380x285

“An aventure from Murcia and Caravaca de la Cruz”

From Murcia, start this journey through vineyards and olive trees until you reach Caravaca de la Cruz, a sacred pilgrimage site …


“The landscapes of the Sierra de Alcaraz”

In this greenway you will enter the heart of the Sierra de Alcaraz, enjoying a picturesque contrast of landscapes …

Greenway Plazaola & Arditurri (portada con nombre) (1)

“Two greenways to enjoy unforgettable moments”

From San Sebastián, we will live unforgettable moments through the Greenway of Arditurri and the Greenway of Plazaola …

Greenway of the Olive Oil (portada con nombre

“Cycling through an ocean of olives”

In this greenway you will find many interesting experiences that will make your stay have an unforgettable memory …

Vía Verde de la Senda del Oso (portada inglés)

“Wild nature in search of the grizzly bear”

In this greenway,  you will accompany us to cross of gorges, mountain canyons and tunnels excavated in mother rock …

Vía Verde de la Sierra (portada con nombre - inglés)

“Pedaling between Cádiz an Seviille”

Travel the best of Andalusia on your bike and in good company, enjoying the contrasts and colors of its landscapes…

Vía Verde de Ojos Negros (portada con nombre - inglés)

“An incredible path to walk and enjoy”

Many possibilities to enjoy this greenway, but you will always be surroundes by the local culture, nature and gastronomy…

Vía Verde del Tajuña (portada con nombre - inglés)

“A fantastic greenway near Madrid”

Because of its proximity to Madrid it is one of the most visited greenways. You can enjoy a historic railway ride and museum…

Vía Verde de Val de Zafán (portada con nombre - inglés)

“The Tortosa castle and the oranges of the Ebro

If you are looking for adventure, culture, nature and good food, the Val del Zafán Greenway is definitely your best option…

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