Transit of Mercury, don’t wait until 2032

On November 11, 2019 the planet Mercury will cross the solar disk, not doing it again until a distant November 13, 2032. The Garraf Astronomical Observatory (OAG) and Experiential Tourism (TV), organize a complete travel-expedition which will travel along the SW coast of Morocco, from Essaouira to Tarfaya.

Accompanied by local guides and OAG-TV specialists we will immerse ourselves in the geography, history and culture of this region of North Africa, one of the most unique both for its landscape and the quality of its skies. The charms of the medinas, the small fishing villages, the coast eroded by the sea, the natural parks of great geological wealth and the extraordinary sunsets, are more than convincing reasons to accompany us.

Our specialist guides are experienced travelers, good connoisseurs of North African Heaven and Earth, geographers and astronomers who know the deserts of Algeria, Egypt, Libya or Tunisia well. During the trip we will make geographical and astronomical observations, taking the opportunity to introduce ourselves in travel photography.

Don’t wait for 2032 to live this unique experience. More info here:

A unique astronomic experience

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