Imagine an Experiential Tourism


Imagine that one day you can travel without the tourist label tattooed on your forehead. Imagine that you have the opportunity to engage in conversations with the people you find on the way, receive their love, learn about their customs, their history and legends, discover their gastronomy and participate in their traditions.

If you are not looking for a “low cost package”, or a “luxury cruise”, or “a crowded beach”, if you don’t want to “travel in a hurry taking hasty photos” … Welcome to Turismo Vivencial! We promise to make you happy, to offer experiences in “non-tourist” places, full of magic, endemism and charm.

Our selection of programs propose a genuine, experiential leisure offer, far away from the panoramic circuits; constituted by the heritage, natural environment and the unique traditions of the places and their people; in this scenario, you will be the main character!

We want you to dream, to discover, to have a good time with friends and to do simple things. We want to be an invitation to savor life, a call to sensitivity, a recognition of forgotten but incredible places and its inhabitants, we want you to taste the luxury of handmade things.


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