It all started with a trip to Kenya. In there, Antonio Martín, the ideologist of TURISMO VIVENCIAL, felt for the first time like a member of the local community. From his experience emerged an idea, and from this idea a project that became a reality that  thrills a team of exceptional human beings .


We have a multidisciplinary profile and this is probably the reason why in our office there’s no place for monotony and only for responsibility and professionalism. Together we have developed a good success formula, with our backgrounds in tourism, communication, marketing, design, advertising and more… reinforced by our own personal experiences.


In our International area, we want your trips to become unforgettable, living authentic experiences on the territory, savoring every inch of  the land and the sky around you. We have specialists in various sciences and techniques and a passion for traveling that has now become our profession.


Antonio Martín

The Spain Specialist

He knows every corner and every detail about each site. He belives that becoming friends with our local hosts is the key to enjoy a trip

Jesús Quintana

The website master

He's in charge of giving our new website content, making sure everything's in order and taking care of every detail

Isabel García

Our Front office

She makes sure nothing fails and everythis is in order. She's our front office and the one that reminds us that your experience has to be a success

Selene Orellana

Our Product Manager

The new international projects and challenges are easier with her, she also worries about our good relations with the administrations

Alejandro Martín

The creative and dreamer

He represents the youth of our project. His creativity and making things easier is his streght. He teaches us something new everyday


Luis Filipe

Porto and northern Portugal

He knows the best of his country and always looks for what's authentic. He's our partner to take our business model to Portugal

Salim Karaoui

The unique Morocco

He's our refference in an authentic country such as Morocco. We don't only show marketplaces, but also their traditions and gastronomy

Pedro Villamarín

Galicia and the Rías Baixas

He's based in Baiona, but his experience will take you around Galicia, through its gastronomy, good wine and even better company

Jesús Gómez

Through the Sierra de Cazorla

The Sierra de Cazorla is more than grass. It's home to ancestral traditions and unique festivities, although the lynx and olives are Jesús' passions

Jorge Ufenast

Gaudí's Barcelona

A passionate architect that will take you through a hidden Barcelona. In his tours, you'll always be surprised by the stories he'll tell you

Jordi Guillermo

Through Barcelona's streets

He'll take you through the most representative sites of Barcelona, you'll learn about the customs, traditions and the stories that aren't written in the guides

Igor Pérez

Through the lands of Quixote

There's no place in La Mancha that he doesn't know. Besides, he's in love with his land and its traditions, he enjoys a good wine and the local gastronomy

Francisco Márquez

Northern Andalusia

He loves the most deeply rooted traditions of his Andalusian land, he also knows almost all the Greenways, which you can enjoy walking or in MTB

Pablo Valtierra

Basque Country and more

Living in a gang in the north is the best way to know the traditions. The Camino de Santiago is his passion, there's always something new to discover


Tòfol Tobal

Internacional Destinations

Geographer, teacher and researcher in geography and astronomy. His trips are themed around the Arctic, Asia, Africa and North America

Sara Tobal

Internacional Asisstant

She has lived in Spain and Canada and is currently studying International Relations at the Ramón Llul University in Barcelona

Rafa Ariño

Viajes de Aventura

Press and advertising agency photographer. With his team, World Extrem has traveled around the globe, photographing ancient cultures and tribes

Montse Bernat

International Author Journeys

Creator and designer of culturally worthy experiences and journeys. A helper for personal development. An accompanying hostess during your trip

Ramón Solís

Spotting animals and wildlife

Biologist specialist in flora and fauna, passionate about mammals and birds. Scuba diving, mountain biking and more adventures!

Pedro Martín

Photography and watching

Optometrist and passionate about photography optical devices. He will teach us all his photography secrets so you can get the most out of them

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